Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We started off in Dr. Wilson's office!!!
Ross passed with flying colors!!  No glasses for him.
Sis Wilson did not do so well and ended up with glasses.

Pretty darn sassy, huh?!  They were progressive.

After messing around with glasses and exams, we drove to the city of Newport, Rhode Island.  It is beautiful area, a place where tourist go to see how the well to do people of the world live.
There are also some very interesting people to see.  Ross loved the color of this bikers beard.  The wind would part the beard as he biked down the road.
This picture does not capture what we could see and when you are driving, you get what you can with the camera.  The tree was very cool but the house was NICE.

This is only a small portion of a beautiful home.

Wow, was an understatement.  The garage/guest house next to it was also awesome.

It may look old but it has a ton of character.

Whoa, who wouldn't want to live in this house.  The back yard was the ocean!

Incredible to see this beautiful area of gorgeous estates.  A moving car isn't the best way to capture their real elegance!
But we finally found one that we were allowed to actually enter. They all have their special names.  This is Rosecliff.  No cameras were allowed inside but we found ourselves so busy gawking and learning, that we would not have taken pictures anyway.  We each had headphones attached to a recorder that was our own personal guide through each room.
Another shot but with Amy and Kyle ahead of us.  You can get a better picture of what we saw if you Google it.

If a house can be called amazingly graceful, that is what this house is.
This was on the side of Rosecliff.  Yes,she is naked and she is standing in a fountain.

Second Summer Cottage
This is called The Breakers!  This is incredible!!  It was built by the Vanderbilt family to be their summer home with seventy rooms for their seven children.  It was built in the late 1893.  There is over 62,000 sq ft of living area.
Sorry, we were not allowed to take pictures in this "home" but it was breathe taking. 
There were three elegant floor with a lot of gold and platinum.  Each bedroom had its own bathroom and secret doors.  There were gorgeous ballrooms and beautiful fountains through out.  If you notice immediately under the eaves of the house are very small windows, that is the servants quarters, it was extremely hot.  Also notice in the foreground a hand carved white marble bird bath.

Just a different angle.  The color of the "cottage" is more like the picture above.

This is the view from the family patio where Ross, Kyle and Amy were standing.  Nice place to throw a foot ball!!
This is a very weird bird bath.  They loved porpoises, the other side of the bath is just like this one.  Their version of a porpoise is a little strange.  I think the birds would have been traumatized.

The Breakers had several acers of very rare and unusual tree such as this one.  It would have been a young childs dream to climb.  Can you see Kyle AND Amy?
I would love to climb this tree!!  Perfect tree for a rope swing.

Close by are some step built in remembrance of some men that gave their lives for something.  Each step down, has a name on it.

This is at the bottom of the steps. If you time it right, you can stand here without getting too wet.


The Boston Temple!!!  What can we say, it is gorgeous inside!!!

Who doesn't remember "Cheers"?  Then you are very young.  This TV series referred to the "Mormons" more than once.

This is the beginning of the Boston Freedom Trail.  Notice the writing on the stairs.  This was a very interesting
2 1/2 mile walk around the city.  We downloaded the info on our phones and listened at each place as we followed a red brick path that was built into the sidewalks.  Look it up on Google some time.  We can not post all the very informative historical sites we saw.  You really need to start early and have plenty of energy to really appreciate all the education you can absorb.

This is Paul Revere's Grave.  It is in one of the oldest (it sez it is the oldest) cemeteries in the country. 

This is a better view of the cemetery.  The tomb stones have sculls with wings carved on them, that was the custom back then.  It was a little creepy! but very interesting.  All the people that were in the Boston Massacre were buried here. 

We are in the car and driving down a tiny street (which is very common) and quickly took this picture of Paul Reveres home.  It is the brown building.

Not a bad picture for a moving vehicle.  In the old times, the upper floor was extended out and holes were cut in the floor so the people inside could shoot or pour hot liquid down on their attacking enemies.

It was fun to see the very old against the very new.  This is the Boston State House and Boston Massacre Museum built in 1713.  Where the are standing in front of the build is a very large medallion right where it occurred.  Queen Elizabeth stood on this balcony.

This is a typical building, very fun.  Notice the narrow streets, usually one way.

The USS Constitution is very interesting and still sails.  This is another one to Google, there is so much information about it.  It was definitely built for very short people, either that or they had headaches by the end of the days work.

Everything was very shiny and polished.

The USS Constitution set below the dock so one really can't see just how majestic it really is.  It was truly amazing to see.   

This is not the best picture but we were getting very tired and it was late.  This is Bunker Hill Monument.  If we had been there just a few minutes earlier, we could have had the pleasure of walking up the many many many steps inside the monument.  It was here that the statement was made to "don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes".

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